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Facial Anatomy & Portrait Fundamentals Drawing Course

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Learning the facial anatomy enables us to draw more life into every portrait drawing or painting we make.

Once purchased watch anytime or click to download the video lessons/diagrams and have the course forever in your digital library!

Course Outline Listed Below:

  • Materials Used in Course
  • Skull Lecture: The Most Useful Anatomical Landmarks
  • Front Skull & Profile Skull Diagrams
  • Skull Front Pose Demo: How to Make a Drawing Look 3D
  • Skull in Profile Demo: The Most Important Shading Concepts
  • Skull in Three Quarter Pose Demo: Shadow Edgework Techniques
  • Facial Muscle Lecture: How Muscles Change the Facial Landscape
  • Muscle Dissection Lab Demo: Making Your Own Study Guide
  • Fat Pads & Ligaments Lecture: The Real Focus of a Changing Facial Landscape
  • Fat Pads & Ligaments Dissection Lab Demo: Making Your Own Study Guide
  • Intro to the Facial Features
  • Mouth: Subtleties of Curves and Planes Demo
  • Nose: Construction and Anatomy Demo
  • Ears: How to Draw Those Spiraling Forms Demo
  • Eye: Light and Form plus Advanced Eye Drawing Techniques Demo
  • Free Full Portrait Demo of Jim
  • Free Full Portrait Demo of Jia
  • Free Full Portrait Demo of Jessica

Knowing the facial landscape expands our artistic skills and cultivates soulful portraits.

Trying to copy the shadow shapes alone is not enough to make a enduring and touching portrait.

The goal is to increase your drawing skills by discovering the beautifully complex facial landscape through the study of anatomy.

If we don’t know the skull, muscles, and fat pads then we really don’t know the portrait. For example, the skull is the great dictator of the facial landscape.

You will learn the fundamentals of anatomy that will make your portrait drawings more solid, expressive, and soulful. Facial expressions and the aging face will also be covered throughout the course.

·        Facial Anatomy Course

·        Facial Features Series

·        3 FREE Portrait Demonstrations

Lots of knowledge is dropped along the way throughout the Facial Anatomy Course lectures and demonstrations. Take a lot of notes, draw along and have fun!

Pull all the instruction and learning together with these 3 Full-length Portrait Demos for FREE!!! Each worth $10! = $30 Total!

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You'll get over 12 Hours of instruction. 16 videos of lessons covering the skull, facial muscles, fat pads and ligaments, facial features series, and 3 BONUS uncut portrait demos


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Facial Anatomy & Portrait Fundamentals Drawing Course

21 ratings
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