Mechanics of Drawing: All-In-One Portrait Drawing Course

Bradwynn Jones
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Step-by-Step: Learn the fundamentals of drawing and measuring.

How to use the facial triangle to capture a likeness.

Learn how to organize and control your values while shading the drawing.

See the Above Video for a Sneak Peek of the Techniques Covered

The 12 Videos Included in this Lesson:

Thirds of the Face

Rhythms of the Head

Measuring by Comparison


The Facial Triangle

Shading Terms

The Value of Squinting

Portrait Demo Part 1: Head Construction

Portrait Demo Part 2: Shadow Mapping

Portrait Demo Part 3: Shading & Layering

Portrait Demo Part 4: Full Value Scale

Portrait Demo Part 5: Edges & Transitions

*high resolution photo reference also included

*shading terms diagram also included

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7 technique videos PLUS 5 videos for the portrait drawing above


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Mechanics of Drawing: All-In-One Portrait Drawing Course

3 ratings
I want this!